Welcome to SPD Custom Grips also known as Stinger Paintball Designs.

We are the original manufacturer of acrylic high resolution graphic designed grips for both the paintball and gun industry; established in 2005 our product is handmade in the USA.

Located in Cherokee County, NC

Hours of Operation are Monday thru Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST

(828) 837-7690


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Stinger Paintball Designs, Incorporated

About Stinger Paintball Designs, Inc
SPD is your source for customized paintball marker and pistol gun grips. Our objective  is to provide paintball players and gun owners, worldwide, who have invested considerable money in their paintball markers and 1911 pistol guns a unique way to enhance their investments.

We currently make custom grips for approx. 63 Paintball Marker Frames, including Air Gun Design, Tippman, AKA, Alien Paintball, Angel Paintball, Azodin, Bob Long, BT Paintball, Chipley Machine, Component Concepts, Dangerous Power, Dye Paintball, Proto, Dye Matrix, Proto Matrix, Element Paintball, Empire Paintball, Fireball Mountain, Indian Creek Designs, Infinity, Kingman, Macdev, NDZ, RPG, Planet Eclipse, Smart Parts guns, Valhala, Vanguard, and Worr Games. We are able to accommodate for the many different aftermarket boards available such as Tadao, Rampage, and Virtue.

We expanded our product into the gun world and have been gaining recognition for our custom 1911 pistol grips made exclusively for Taurus pt 1911 45 cal, Kimber, Gold Cup, Wilson, Caspian, Ithaca, Thompson, Springfield, Smith and Wesson, Randal, Para Ord. 1911 45 Cal, Colt 1911, 1911A1, 1991, Series 70, Series 80BAER, Rock Island, Armscorp as well as other gun grips for Magwell, Compact and Sig Sauer and are able to accommodate for both the standard versions as well as ambidextrous frames.


Here at SPD Grips our goal has always been to seek out new ways to enhance our quality of service, improve our product line through development and provide a better buying experience for our customers. 

Over the next few months we will be transitioning to a new website with cleaner, crisper photos, upgrading our A1 series hand grips for a more universal fit for both ambidextrous and non-ambi frames, adding new designs as well as other new and exciting improvements to our product line.


What makes Stinger Paintball Designs, Inc. unique is our ability to help you stand out among your peers by individualizing our product to your specific needs! We offer hundreds of designs to choose from as well as personalized customization.

We are committed to our customers and your satisfaction is our utmost goal. We promise that you will be pleased with our product and our service. To obtain the ultimate paintball accessory or gun upgrade, email or call us for your custom order today!

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